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You know, there are few songs that inspire me to write a text for Aeroagora. But days ago, to the sound of AC / DC’s it’s a long way to the top (if you wanna rock ‘n roll), I remembered a monster that gets stashed in the closet: the one in plan B. It refers to an alternative reality, if its objectives do not materialize. Well, Nietzsche has an aphorism that says: ‘how can something start from its antithesis’? Basically, in our context, how can happiness and personal fulfillment start from something that is not your destiny?


Surely you’ve heard of the movie The Pursuit of Happiness !? Chris Gardner and I have the same position: Do not accept plan B. This is admitting your failure, and not looking for what put you there, or the key that will take away. For those who are doing what they really love, there is no plan B. Understand once and for all: Destiny is not a matter of opportunity. It’s a matter of choice. It is not something to be waiting for, but rather to be conquered.

Determination (which we’ll talk about already …) is like an autobahn. Strategy is like the German sportsman who takes you down this road. The more regulated and sophisticated your strategy, the faster it will come. And if she is versatile, she will have more power in the tanks when she reaches the destination of her dreams. Destiny is not a matter of luck, but preparation. What separates you from the cockpit of an intercontinental jet is being willing to face journeys amidst enormous adversities, limitations, and obstacles, and still remain resilient. After all, you can dream of being on the left side of the cockpit, right? So it has full potential to make it happen.


Most people to whom I say that I want to be a commercial pilot treat me differently. I personally detest it. Let me treat myself as normal, to treat me as if I were a dreamer, or even worse .. as if I were rich. Well, I’m not. I work two jobs to pay for my flight hours, and yet I do not keep up with the pace I need or what I would like to have. Here comes what I always say: resilience. Difficulties prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destinations.

Having a backup plan is to say to yourself: ‘If I do not become an aviator, that’s fine.’


Last week I wrote about this topic. Those who have a well-defined strategy understand that their future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow. And it does not depend on Plan B. It also understands that most of its flying club colleagues have desires and dreams. But successful airmen had strategically defined plans and goals. Setting goals is the first step in making what seems impossible is possible. And strategy is the name of the path that will take you from scratch to success. It’s what allows you to be hired even before the selection.

Understand: Backup plan is not working outside your area for some time in order to raise funds for your training. Whether or not aviation is attached. Plan B is to admit that your strategy is poorly made.


Usually we have a plan B for thinking, ‘well, if things go wrong, I’ll do it’. Do not take that for a minute. This career is simply fantastic, if appreciated for the right reasons. In our life, difficulties will even arise, this is natural. But biggest mistake you can make in your life is to always be afraid to commit one. Start this line of thinking by stopping bothering about things you have no control over. Stop being distracted by things that do not have to do with your plans and goals. And do not forget .. Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.

You may have noticed that all photos in this post are related to the Red Bull Air Race. That’s because these guys have a lot to teach us. They overcame their fears, and their own physiological and psychic limitations to fly a few feet off the ground, at fantastic speeds, performing maneuvers of extreme precision. They are exposed in each race to more than 10 g, and nevertheless, always look for the best.


I think perhaps it is one of the characteristics that I had the most to develop in me. I always gave up easily what I wanted, and maybe because of that, I gave up many great things in my life. Determination has to do with the addition of characteristics or specificities that limit the extension of a concept, which was initially broad and imprecise. I did not find a better definition for this word than this.

Whoever decided to be a pilot knows all the initial litters. Parents who do not approve of the idea, relationships that are weakened, and a complete sea of ​​imprecision. But anyone who has gone through the stages of fear and opposition, also found a clear sky, with a high ceiling and perfect visibility ahead. Wanting to become a pilot, even aware of all adversities is a synonym of inner strength, which borders on masochism. But it also shows that it has a unique potential to its peers to command the changes of its life.

And understand, the success of your career will not be measured by the goods you have conquered, or by the aircraft you have flown, but by the difficulties you have overcome on the way. It is such a unique feature that only 1% can effectively have breakfast, lunch or dinner at 37,000 feet, almost daily. Pilots who believed in their causes were determined to make them happen.

What separates you from the cockpit and a Red Bull Air Race rider to get on the podium is exactly the same. It is the commitment to your preparation, patience because even taking your time will arrive, proper strategy for each race, determination to face inhospitable forces, discipline to keep within your scope of personal limits and sacrifice.

And just to finish …

I tell you folks
It’s harder than it looks
It’s a long way to the top
If you wanna rock ‘n’ roll

Fly Safe, Folks. 😉

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